Thursday, November 1, 2007

We're home from Maui

This is the beach at our condo .
We finally made it home from Maui. I was happy, sad at the same time to return home from Maui. It is sooooooooo beautiful and relaxing there. I will never take a late nite flight with kids again. We left Maui at 9.25 pm(Maui time, 12.25 our time) and arrived in San Fransico at 5am(our time). We didn't get much sleep on the plane.

So we get to the airport thinking our plane was going to take off at 8.00 am. Not so, it was delayed due to engine problems. Good thing we werent on the plane already. We sat in the airport, trying to get some sleep till they could find a plane for us. We finally took off 4 hours later. Yes a 4 hour time delay. Good thing Everettt slept most of that time. We got into Vancouver about 2pm. We then had to catch the 5pm ferry home. We finally got home about 8.30.

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