Thursday, August 25, 2011


COST $25- includes a package of the white Barker's Twine, 5 x 5 art journal and the all the supplies to to make this ablum.

TIME: Sunday September 18th 1-4pm
RSVP by September 4th with payment so I can order everything
I love this little album. I made some years ago for my two oldest girls and last week I finally made one for my son, he's going into grade 2. Where has the time gone. This album is for the school pics, so when it comes time for them to graduate you will have this adorable book of them to treasure forever.

My girls were a little jealous of this album, they were like, why is it bigger, why is it nicer than ours. I told them because Everett is my favourite, just kidding. Newer and better items come out over the years was my answer.

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