Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm still here

Life is starting to get back to normal. December was a crazy month as I was recovering from my surgery Dec.4. Dr. Heywood, my surgeon, called me a few weeks ago and told me my test results came back and I'm now CANCER FREE. That was the best gift I got this Christmas.

I wasn't allowed to lift anything heavy for 4 weeks. What a long 4 weeks it's been. I got central vac for my new house and I wasn't even the first one to use it. I have since tried my new vacuum and I love it. It's so much quicker than the broom.

Progress is being made on my new craft room. My new room wasn't totally drywalled so the room has now been framed, lights were moved, and more plugs being installed for all my stampin friends to use. Hopefully we'll be putting drywall up this weekend.

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